Business Writing

At 4D-HMR we are here to help you with any project presentations

Business Plan and Creative Writing:

We are poised to create the most effective and eye catching business plan that any investor would take a great interest in, expecially since we know what Angel Investors are interested in.  We provide projections and actual facts to viability.

From 2001 to now, our founder has written 124 Business Plans which has resulted in clients being fully considered for financing of projects, some individuals projects being over US$350 millions dollars.  We have prepared Business Plans for prospective resorts in the Bahamas, Dominica and Florida.  Our Business Plans provides the Investor or Banker or Board of Directors with all the required analysis, budgets and projections.

We have also prepared a number of proposals for Sustainable Development in the Region, follwed by the required solutions.

Creative Writing allows us to mesh all the ideas of our team of Consultants and be able to provide unbiased information about destinations, their hotels, their culture and the people. We give the prospective traveler all the reasons based on our experiences with the destination, to make that destination their vacation spot.

It is all expressed through Content Writing , and based also on previous visitors experience, reviews and comprehensive  photography.  In order words, we work with our clients to make negative reviews become very positive remarks.

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