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Caribbean Investing is so ripe. On an daily basis, there is always an Investment opportunity. First, lets remember that our Founder has been a Preferred Broker for a number of Lenders in the United States.  So we can certainly help you find funding for your projects in the Caribbean and the Bahamas.  As new businesses emerge, new services are required. But within the spectrum, there are many opportunities for investors, especially in the areas of Real Estate or Manufacturing.  At 4D-HMR, we have a net work of Realtors who provide us with information on businesses or properties for sale.  Our database also includes entrepreneurs and business people looking for partners to invest in viable projects. The clients who come to us for the development of Business Plans also discuss their interest in partnering with investors.  So whether you are an Investor or someone seeking an investing partner, we can assist you.  For Investors, we can recommend opportunities that offer the best Return on Investment (ROI). For the borrowers, we can connect you with our Investors and Lenders in the United States. We have been doing business with our lenders and loan brokers since 2011, having presented portfolios for new hotels and condominium complexes in the Bahamas.

Investors, whether you are looking to purchase a TurnKey Business or seeking real estate to building a new project, we at 4D-HMR are in a position to assist you in finding the right location or the right business. Our Business Plan development team, our network of engineers and architects are poised to provide the best in advise, both financially and structurally.

Our mission is to be the conduit that brings investors and entrepreneurs together to create something beautiful.  


We have all the right tools, let us Help You

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