Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Detailed action plan for your operation with recommendations based on thorough review and analysis


will evaluate your entire Food and Beverage operation and make suggestions based on current sales, competition, product quality and annual forecast. We will produce detailed action plans and budgets that will enhance your operation and provide goals for your management team. 4D-HMR has years of experience implementing profit improvement procedures as necessary for the success of your operation.

Food and Beverage Concept Development and Branding


4D-HMR can implement new and innovative Food and Beverage programs from appetizer and entree menus to desserts and drink specialities all designed specific to your location. We will position your Food and Beverage department according to owner expectations and financial potential. We can provide staffing, long or short term, and detailed performance driven programs for your operation.



Culinary Consulting, Kitchen Design and Product Evaluation


4D-HMR draws from years of experience in restaurant and hotel kitchens to develop and recommend the best most efficient and cost effective kitchen designs. We will implement and train your staff to produce high quality, profitable products that will entice your customers and exceed their expectations. We offer ongoing support and training for your culinary management team. Providing mentoring and methods of achieving goals is one of our main priorities.


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