There is one island in the Caribbean where you have a river for every day of the year.  It is also one of those places that is known as the Green Land of the Region, where you experience the feel of black sand on the beach.  Black sand obviously has its attributes to protect the skin.  You would be amazed that certain parts of this lush country, persons sleep with their doors open (optional depending on where you reside). But think about the local dish that includes dasheen leaves, coconut milk and whatever delicacy you fancy.  Dominica, the Nature Isle, where you enjoy the beauty of the rainfall, get a glance of the Caribbean Ocean and you are wowed by the valleys and the song of birds, parrots cocks crowing in the mornings.  If you have never seen a beautiful sunset, then Dominica is where you should be.  And if you want more information on Dominica, let me tell you the real story.