What We Do

What We Do at 4D-HMR

4D-HMR provides a comprehensive asset management program whereby we fully evaluate and review the organization, personnel, and the processes utilized at the hotel. We do this through analysis of:

  • Creating  SOP (Manuals pertaining to policies and procedures)
  • Business Plan Development
  • Operating budget
  • Evaluation of Management and Staff teams
  • Productivity key performance indicators
  • Assisting clients to secure financing for viable projects
  • Content Writing to promote destinations and businesses.

We use the Business Rescue method where our team works one on one “on site” with your key staff and personnel to improve performance and results. We are focused on providing top-line revenue recommendations, as well as cost controls and operational-quality improvements.

  • Evaluate all systems and controls
  • Recommend the next course of action
  • Analyze all financial data including revenues and expenses

We place emphasis on Product Analysis and Assessment to be able to give your product more value and allow for the True Experience by your guest. We Work with your leadership team to assess all managers and Key personnel, then provide a platform for improvement Including:

  • Providing silent evaluations
  • Human Resource planning
  • Provide solutions to improving your property
  • Conduct monthly reviews and planning to analyze current results and future forecasts.


4D-HMR’s offer extensive knowledge and positive working relationships with every major hotel brand/operator, affording a distinct advantage in maximizing your hotel’s performance. We have an intimate knowledge of brand operating systems, standards, and work closely with our clients in recommending the brand that will best matches their organizational goals, objectives and operating philosophies.

Your product needs to be in line with the brand. There are many factors that contribute to the brand and the success of the brand. We will make sure that your hotel takes the most effective advantage of these factors.

These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Frequent user/loyalty programs
  • Online booking system
  • Customer data bank
  • Product quality

Joint marketing opportunities We will constantly evaluate the brand and the consistency of the brand to make sure that the brand remains a strong brand and assure that your hotel is meeting the standards of the brand.

4D-HMR’s partners and staff comprise extensive hotel experience in sales and marketing management. This experience enables us to evaluate the sales operations, corresponding marketing programs, and recommend strategic actions for increasing both revenue and your asset.

4D-HMR develops customized programs through a audit of your marketing/business plans. We conduct one on one interviews with key marketing and sales management personnel to evaluate markets, goals and performance.

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